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Series-E: Electric power and propulsion

Electric platform
  • Series hybrid propulsion system
  • Fully-electrified accessories
  • Engine Stop/Start technology
  • No infrastructure modifications
Proven results
  • Nearly 2,000 systems worldwide today
  • Achieving up to 15% engine-off time
  • Providing excellent fuel economy results

Our successful hybrid electric drive system is a series configuration, designed specifically for fuel savings and its pathway to electrification. BAE Systems provides propulsion for 35’-40’ buses, articulated, and double deck buses.

The series design is optimized for city bus duty cycles that typically have low average speeds and frequent stops. In this type of environment, series design provides better bus fuel economy and emission reductions than a parallel solution. Series-E enables the electrification of bus accessories and can be configured with Stop/Start, engine-off technology.

Propulsion systems are available based on vehicle weight

Electric accessories powered

All of our transit products—Series-E, Series-ER, Series-EV, and Series-H—are able to electrically power bus accessories using our Accessory Power Systems (APS). We offer three Accessory Power Systems depending on your needs. Our systems are contained in one small package and supply electric power to accessories such as air conditioners, cooling fans, and air compressor pumps. These units function as an electronic alternator, completely replacing the conventional belt-driven alternator.

Series-E components diagram
Series-E components